Betta Macrostoma – The Crown Jewel of Brunei

betta macrostoma

Betta macrostoma, also known as the Brunei Beauty, is an enigmatic species of Betta fish that has captured the hearts of fish enthusiasts around the world. Known for its unique appearance and interesting behavior, this remarkable fish is an incredible addition to any hobbyist’s collection. In this blog post, I’ll explore the origin and history … Read more

Why Are Betta Fish Sold In Cups?

why are betta fish sold in cups

Walking into a pet store and seeing row upon row of small cups each housing a betta fish can be upsetting. Seeing dead or sick betta fish in these little cups makes the situation even worse. Why Are Betta Fish Sold In Cups? The main reasons why betta fish sold in cups is so common … Read more

Why Do Betta Fish Fight? – Signs and Solutions

why do betta fish fight

Betta fish are also known as Siamese Fighting Fish and this is for good reason. A distinct characteristic for these fish is the natural aggression between males of the same species. The reason for why betta fish fight is both due to where they exist in the wild and what they were selectively bred for. … Read more

Betta Fish And Cory Catfish – Can They Co-exist?

betta fish and cory catfish

Although bettas have a reputation for aggression, this doesn’t mean you should keep them in isolation. The corydoras catfish is a good example of a species that works well with bettas. You should know a few things, however, before you combine these two species. This article will explain how to keep betta fish and cory … Read more

Betta Imbellis (Peaceful or Crescent Betta)

Betta Imbellis Male

One of the six betta kinds that make up the Splendens complex, Betta Imbellis is also referred to as the Crescent Betta or the Peaceful Betta. Contrary to what is said in other sources, the Betta Imbellis is not actually a peaceful species of betta. People used to keep these bettas for one purpose alone, … Read more

Betta Fish Colors & Patterns

Betta Fish Colors

As with their wide variety of tail types, bettas or beta fish can be found in an array of colors and patterns. This is what I love about Betta fish as each one is slightly different and you are spoilt for choice. Betta fish in the wild generally exist in more toned down shades but … Read more

Can Betta fish live with Goldfish?

Can Betta fish live with Goldfish

Bettas and goldfish can easily be regarded as two of the most popular fish in the fishkeeping hobby. But can Betta fish live with goldfish? Yes, betta fish can be kept in the same tank as goldfish but neither of them will thrive as they have different requirements in respect of tank size, diet, water … Read more

Betta Fish Types – Many Options To Choose From

Betta fish types

If you are new to the betta world, you may be surprised to find out that bettas come in a wide variety of types. There are so many Betta Fish types to choose from that you are spoilt for choice. From the common veiltail to the double tail betta, here is an extensive guide with … Read more

My Betta Only Eats Bloodworms – Is This Okay?

my betta only eats bloodworms

Worrying if it will be okay if my Betta only eats bloodworms? This is a valid question because we as Betta fish owners only want the best for our fish and it is a major concern if the only food your Betta will eat is bloodworms. In this article I will discuss if this is … Read more