How To Breed Bettas – The Complete Guide

Pair of betta fish embracing under a bubble nest

Discover the complete guide on how to breed bettas successfully. Learn how to select the ideal breeding pair and create the perfect breeding environment. Expert tips and insights included.

Can Betta Fish Fins Grow Back?

Can betta fish fins grow back

Learn about betta fish and how to keep their vibrant colors and long fins intact. Discover common causes of fin loss, including fin rot, nipping, and more. Find out how to treat fin loss and prevent it from happening with proper care, water quality, and suitable tank conditions.

Can Betta Fish See In The Dark?

Can Betta Fish See In The Dark

Discover the incredible 360-degree vision of Betta fish, allowing them to see in all directions without moving their eyes. Learn about their adaptations, use of smell, and preference for dimmer conditions. Find out how to create the best environment for their vision and overall well-being.

Why Do Betta Fish Disappear?

Why Do Betta Fish Disappear

If you are a Betta fish owner, you might have faced the puzzling scenario where your fish seems to have disappeared. Why do Betta fish disappear? Before you start panicking, let me reassure you that Betta fish cannot simply vanish. There are several explainable reasons behind their disappearance. Let’s delve into the common scenarios where … Read more

Betta Tank Mates (2023) – A Comprehensive Guide

Betta fish tank mates

Every Betta is different so choosing betta tank mates can be tricky. Some are super aggressive and will not tolerate even snails while others are very chilled and will accept a wide selection of peaceful community fish. So whether your Betta will accept tank mates or not depends totally on your fish’s temperament. If your … Read more

GloFish Betta – Bold Colors, Big Personalities

Glofish Betta

As an avid fish keeper, I am always on the lookout for new and interesting species to add to my collection. Recently, I stumbled upon the GloFish Betta and was immediately intrigued. These fish are a unique addition to any aquarium, with their vibrant colors and distinct glowing appearance. Originally created through genetic modification, GloFish … Read more

Betta Macrostoma – The Crown Jewel of Brunei

betta macrostoma

Betta macrostoma, also known as the Brunei Beauty, is an enigmatic species of Betta fish that has captured the hearts of fish enthusiasts around the world. Known for its unique appearance and interesting behavior, this remarkable fish is an incredible addition to any hobbyist’s collection. In this blog post, I’ll explore the origin and history … Read more

Why Are Betta Fish Sold In Cups?

why are betta fish sold in cups

Walking into a pet store and seeing row upon row of small cups each housing a betta fish can be upsetting. Seeing dead or sick betta fish in these little cups makes the situation even worse. Betta fish are sold in cups because cups are convenient. Why Are Betta Fish Sold In Cups? The main … Read more

Why Do Betta Fish Fight? – Signs and Solutions

why do betta fish fight

Betta fish are also known as Siamese Fighting Fish and this is for good reason. A distinct characteristic for these fish is the natural aggression between males of the same species. The reason for why betta fish fight is both due to where they exist in the wild and what they were selectively bred for. … Read more