About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Irma and I am the founder and creator of BetterFishkeeping.com

On this website, you’re going to learn:

  • How to maintain a healthy and vibrant aquarium
  • Different species of fish and suitable tank mates
  • The best equipment for your specific aquarium
  • How to grow aquarium plants so that they thrive
  • How to start an aquarium correctly to stop fish from dying
  • Avoiding the dreaded algae nightmares

I have been keeping fish since 1980. That is close on 42 years.

I begged my parents for a dog but they were not keen on bringing a dog into the family so they decided to surprise me with a fish tank.

They figured that at least there will be no problem with barking or picking up poop from the garden and it will stop me from asking for a dog.

It worked 🙂

It was only a 2ft tank but it sparked a life long love for this hobby.

Since then I have always had a tank or more running.

I have mainly kept community tanks but I have also bred a number of different species of fish.

The list includes Show Guppies, Platys, Cherry Barbs, German Blue Rams, Sterbai Cory Cats, Panda Cory Cats, Orange Chromides and Apistogrammas (I cannot remember them all).

I have also kept marine (saltwater) tanks for many years.

What Can You Learn?

My main expertise is in the experience I have gained over many years of keeping fish.

I love fish keeping. It’s so satisfying to sit and watch the fish interact with each other and to admire the beauty of this small enclosed environment.

In my lifetime, I’ve kept so many different fish and had so many aquariums.

I have made mistakes and also had many triumphs.

So I would love to share my expertise with you, and that’s exactly why I’ve started this site “BetterFishkeeping”.

Get in Touch

You are welcome to email me at info@betterfishkeeping.com

I personally respond to every email.

Irma Bense