How To Lower Nitrates In Fish Tank

How To Lower Nitrates In Fish Tank

Before we discuss how to lower nitrates in fish tanks we first need to understand what nitrates are, how they are formed and signs of high nitrates. Nitrate (NO3) is a compound based on Nitrogen and Oxygen; it is an inorganic compound that appears in aquariums through a process called nitrification. This compound is less … Read more

Best Fish For a 20 Gallon Tank

best fish for a 20 gallon tank

A 20 gallon tank is a nice size tank that allows for a good amount of fish but you need to resist the temptation to overstock this tank. So, exactly which are the best fish for a 20 gallon tank? The general rule of thumb is an inch of fish per gallon of water. This … Read more

Can fish drown? (The Answer Explained)

Can fish drown

If your answer to the question ‘can fish drown’ is “No” then congratulations, you are right. Fish cannot drown in water. ‘Drowning’ is more appropriate for air-breathing animals. Thus, a more precise question would be: Can fish suffocate? The answer to that is a firm “Yes”. Suffocation is a condition of being deprived of oxygen … Read more

Homemade Fish Food – Everything you need to know

Homemade fish food

A big part of keeping your fish healthy and happy comes not only from the aquarium environment they live in but also from the food they eat. Many fish owners wonder if they are providing their fish with the right amount and the right type of fish food. If you were to take a look … Read more