New to Fish Keeping

I know it can be quite overwhelming and confusing when you first start and are new to fishkeeping.

Right choices need to be made to start correctly and to avoid wasting money.

So to help you answer some questions you might have, I have compiled 5 articles as a beginning point to your new hobby. 

Step 1 is to not follow the advice given by your local Pet Store. This might seem strange but you will understand why after reading the article.

Step 2 is deciding whether you would like to start a freshwater or saltwater tank. Both types of fish tanks need different equipment so you do not want to buy the wrong stuff and end up wasting your money.

Step 3 is putting together a list of equipment that you will need to buy to keep your fish tank beautiful and healthy. I have some basic setups that I would buy with what they will cost that can be found here.

Step 4 deals with setting up your tank and placing it in the right area so that it is safe for you and your fish.

Step 5 explains the nitrogen cycle and why it is an important part of the process and must not be ignored at all costs.

If I have left anything out or you would like me to explain in greater detail then send me an email to